Global Health Stories: Back on NPR

From age 11 until my first year of college I was featured as the “Roving Reporter” on a wonderful NPR show called From the Top. I traveled the country with an amazing group of talented producers and talent, taping our show live in front of hundreds of wonderful audience members. We would tape sometimes 24 shows a year in places as glamorous as Maui and as exotic as Nebraska.

Proud mom requesting a picture

Proud mom requesting a picture

Well, I recently participated in a medical “story slam” event at UPenn’s Health Equity Week. Last week my story was featured on the local NPR station.  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Medicine is about stories in many ways. It helps us process our emotions, connect with those around us and find meaning in the gut wrenching, the mundane, and the sublime. I am forever thankful for the people who allowed me to share their stories and in turn became a part of my story.

Please also check out the website of my dear friend who publishes stories about the experience of being a physician.