Our yoga class at Lodi Gardens (Photo credit: Adriane)

We all know that exercise is important blahblahblah.  

But sometimes when I come home I just want to eat a mango, read my book and bother my friends at home for a bit. Luckily, my commute entails about 45 min of walking everyday and my office is on the 4th floor (I am generally a stairs >> elevator type of gal). Also, the WHO offers yoga classes three times a week and I’ve started attending that. 


Another tomb where we did our 7 min workout (also not the right tomb for yoga)

I am in India after all and I would rather see the sights than pound the treadmill but I’ve been trying to keep exercise a part of my daily routine after work. I take the dog for a long walk every day in Lodi garden near my house and then do the 7 minute workout.


This was apparently the tomb we were aiming for. Maybe tomorrow?

This morning I thought I’d get up at 6 and go do some free yoga at Lodi Gardens. Grace, my incredibly kind friend who let me stay with her, goes regularly and gave me some instructions- go behind Mohammed Syad’s tomb. Well, let me tell you that there are so many tombs and ruins in this garden that I ended up wandering around looking lost.  A kind passerby saw my mat, my white skin and my confused expression and pointed me in the direction of another tomb where I saw a yoga class, joined my friend (she saw the same yoga class)…and then realized that the whole class was in Hindi. Womp Womp.

No matter, we enjoyed our breathing (but had to keep one eye open to make sure that we weren’t left behind- which we were…the entire class). We were hoping to blend (hah!) but one of the instructors kept coming over and breathing loudly until we breathed as fast as he did and until I almost passed out from lack of oxygen to the brain. We did have a smug moment during our back bridges when the teacher told us that our poses were “excellent” and we were “experts.” I would like to thank Penn Med Yoga and of course Donna/BodyTrio 🙂 

I think that people romanticize the idea of yoga in India but the truth is that it’s more practical here,  less glamorous but also less pretentious. No lulu lemon-clad lithe little girls doing complicated poses…more like a middle aged man with a small gut or an older lady in traditional dress breathing rapidly from the belly. We fit right in! It’s refreshing and fun. And when it came to the laughter part (yes, laughter is a big part of some yoga practices here), my laughter was totally genuine.  Here I am in the stunning Lodi Gardens in New Delhi, doing an outside yoga class totally in Hindi- what’s not to smile about? 

Next week I will try to find the correct (English) yoga class/bootcamp but for today, this was just right. 


One thought on “Yogatime

  1. Tried yoga once and didn’t like it (I’ll stick to my swimming), but am delighted you’re finding it so satisfying – even in Hindi!
    Love, Namby

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