Hey Laaadies!

ImageSo one of my favorite things about New Delhi thus far is the incredible metro system.  It’s sleek, has incredible signage, the trains come around every 5 minutes and it has a very convenient smartcard system. My commute to work takes around 30 min and costs 13.6 rupees (around 23 cents). This metro system has totally spoiled me and I am dreading my return to the US and its sub par public transit.

But probably my fImageavorite thing about the New Delhi metro is the Ladies Car. Not women’s car- ladies car. Because all the women in New Delhi are ladies for some reason. Only three years old, this is a part of New Delhi’s initiative for women’s safety that feels appropriate in the wake of horrible gut-wrenching acts of violence against women that gained international attention.

So the first car of every train is marked by pink signs and reserved for the fairer sex. It’s less crowded and FAR less smelly than the rest of the metro. Image

It’s very hard, however, to refrain from shouting “hey laaaadieeees” ala Outkast every time I get on the train. But I already get enough stares for being white and having blue eyes so I don’t think I need to add “crazy psychopath” to that list. But we all know that my inner filter is shoddy at best so you never know…

But what if I’m a lady in New Delhi and have to run to catch the train and/or can’t find the ladies car? Fear not, fellow female traveler. There are provisions for you in the regular cars as well. Signs and periodic announcements remind male passengers to kindly give up their seats for “the elderly, physically disabled or women.” Because, you know, it’s all kind of the same thing, right?

This ladies only concept has proved very popular and is very much appreciated by this lady.

ImageNow to end I would like to introduce you to my favorite subway sign creature: a be-snouted, afro-sporting, skirt and clog wearing man(woman?)-bear-dog hybrid: enjoy.




One thought on “Hey Laaadies!

  1. Dear Hayley,
    Am in Maine, where I have joined the Stanley Shapiro family including children and grandchildren
    Was delighted to hear New Delhi has a great metro and am not looking forward to NYC metro when I return Saturday.
    Glad all is well.

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