Weekend in Gujarat

I spent the weekend in Vadodara- which is in a state called Gujarat (southwest of New Delhi). I came to stay with Dr. Verma- an esteemed Indian dermatologist who has many connections to Penn. He and his amazing family were so welcoming, kind and  accommodating. From street food to fine cuisine- they fed me so much Gujarati food that a) I’m still full and b) I should get checked for pre-diabetes (Guarati food is known for being sweet). They also showed me around, allowed me to attend dermatology clinic and even clothed me in my first sari!

While at dermatology clinic, Dr. Verma told me that there is a severe shortage of dermatology coverage in India, especially for rural areas. One reason for this coverage gap is that most dermatologists (and other speciality docs) are in cash only private practice. Villagers simply cannot afford it. I also learned that a common practice model is having purely walk-in clinics- which means that patients don’t have set appointments. When I asked him why he did this, he replied that his patients rarely show up on time for appointments- a phenomenon he deemed “Indian Standard Time”

Below are some pictures from my visit to this beautiful city.


10 thoughts on “Weekend in Gujarat

  1. So happy to hear you’re taking advantage of all the infinite possibilities India presents. The walk-in clinic reminds me of CityMD, a chain of urgent care clinics that are wonderful for non-life-threatening events that need medical attention when your doctor is away or on a weekend. I went once and came away impressed by their efficiency and attention to detail.
    Love, Namby

  2. Dear Hayhay,

    I cannot confess to be following your travels closely…BUT. With an Indian mother from Vadodara, an auntie/uncle/cousin living there, and having spent some time there myself, I couldn’t help myself.

    Keep on being awesome — and stay safe and happy.

    – A tall Indian

    • Oh. My. Gosh! My favorite tall Indian! First of all, after being here- your extreme height seems even weirder. Also, I miss you! You should come visit your auntie/uncle/cousin ASAP- I will meet you in Vadodara!

  3. Hi Hayley,
    I’ve been enjoying reading about your experiences and loving your photos. The colors make me drool! Thanks for sharing.

    Suze (Libby’s + friend)

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