All ready for work in my new Indian clothes

I’ve arrived in India! As some of you know, my preparations for this leg of my journey were somewhat…err…complicated. Getting a visa and trying to find housing in New Delhi felt overwhelming at times but things worked out splendidly as they always tend to. So I’m not homeless! And I didn’t get deported yet!

Jet lagged view from my apartment

Jet lagged view from my apartment

Women selling dahl at my local market

Women selling dahl at my local market

One of my great sorrows is that I am not allowed to blog about my work at the World Health Organization (WHO). Because it’s already been incredibly fascinating and I feel very lucky to be here. Seriously lucky. And I have a supervisor who is committed to making this a great learning experiences. By my second day she has started to arrange a meeting with a major newspaper and TV station here and we have arranged a field visit to a rural hospital with a large population of patients with leprosy. But that is all that I will say.

Given that I am unable to talk about my job I will have to work hard to ensure that this doesn’t turn into a chronicle of my inevitable gastrointestinal misadventures. But even if I manage to avoid the salacious tales of digestion, I know it will be hard to refrain from talking about how hot it is here. Spoiler alert: it’s really, really hot. I was walking with the woman I’m staying with (an incredibly nice American who works at the world bank and offered me shelter just as I almost hit a panic mode) and she remarked that it was “pretty nice out and not actually that hot.” Not wanting to appear a pathetic, weak newbie I agreed that it was “very temperate.” Meanwhile I could have filled a swimming pool with the sweat of my pinkie finger alone and I was strategizing how many more steps I could take before I could invent an excuse to stop under a shady tree to “admire something.” Which I did and felt very successful until I realized that I was standing near a dead cat. Signing off now so I can chug some water.


12 thoughts on “India

  1. Oh you are going to have a marvelous time. I was four months in that wonderful country from January until May with my professor husband and his architecture students in Ahmedabad. I look forward to hearing your adventures in incredible India! Namaste. . . .Anne
    Check out my blog too…

  2. Dear Hayley,
    I’ve signed up to receive your blogs and it’s working. Peter & Jo were here over the weekend and so was Jackie who stayed at her friend Sophia’s. Grand time all round. They showed me pictures of you in your apartment and Indian clothes. You’re in India at the very hottest time so it’s no wonder you’re feeling the heat. Remember Utah! Drink plenty of water.
    Love, Namby

  3. You look and sound great – enjoy the adventure. Why can’t you talk about work? Love Aunt Barb with my arm in a sling. I came off my horse and fractured my shoulder!!! Ouch!!! I did get back on. I’ll be fine by Sept. Bx

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks Aunt Barb and so sorry to hear about your shoulder 😦 Hope you have a speedy recovery so you can get back in the saddle. I can’t talk about work due to the policies of my organization- I get to be privy to high level meetings and summits and they don’t want unsanctioned press. But I can talk about my time outside of work and believe me there is plenty to talk about. So flattered that you are following! So much love to you and Uncle Rich. xoxoxo H

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