Things White People Like

IMG_0613In search of some fried cuisine and libations, we all packed in the back of the van, clown car style, and headed toward the UN. The UN is an oasis of diplomacy but more importantly an oasis of ice cream.

Whilst trying to decide betwixt the myriad of flavors (OK it was only 4 flavors), the lady behind the counter offered her suggestion: “les blancs aiment ‘mint chocolate chip.” [literally “the whites love mint chocolate chip”]. “What?” I asked her, confused. She tried again, in English. “White people. They are going crazy for mint chocolate chip ice cream.”

I opened my mouth- ready to protest this perplexing stereotype. But then my friend piped up from behind me: “I do kind of want mint chocolate chip.” I closed my mouth and opened it again. “Dammit, me too. Mint chocolate chip for all the whiteys please.” I guess she’s right?

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One thought on “Things White People Like

  1. HAHAHA i love this post!!! (also, i love that you used the words “betwixt” and “whilst” in the same sentence

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