DeBREEDing: Visit to the Operating Room (no gross pictures)

While at the hospital, I was introduced to Dr. Francius- a Haitian general surgeon who was specially trained in the US for wound care. Dr. Francius was nice enough to let me scrub in on 2 wound debridements*. These involve surgical removal of dead tissue and cleaning of the wound (and I promise- no gross pictures). The OR at the hospital was quite well equipped and I was amused to discover similar team dynamics amongst the scrub nurse, med student (me!) and surgeon. Luckily, the patient’s wound had been doing quite well and we were able to perform a much less invasive procedure- hence the thumbs up at the end of the case.

*Of note: thanks to my Canadian colleagues, we discovered an important cultural difference between the US and our neighbor to the north. While we say de-BREED-ment, they say de-BRIDE-ment. I maintain that their version sounds affected and they maintain that our version sounds like a eugenics program. Oh well, potato–potah-to, debreedment–debridement, eh?

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2 thoughts on “DeBREEDing: Visit to the Operating Room (no gross pictures)

  1. I recently worked with a lot of doctors and students from the US (Im English) and the amount of differences we found, from pronunciation to comepletely different uses of vocabulary, was phenomenal!

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