Tonight Miami. Tomorrow Haiti.

Here we go. Left Boston this morning and flew through some pretty impressive rain to Miami…where I traded some Boston rain for a veritable downpour.


IMG_20130607_220748Tomorrow, Haiti. I have a 12 hour layover so I found myself eating dinner alone in an aggressively generic Chinese restaurant where the (very sweet, very talkative waitress) asked me to explain what tofu is. As I ate my dinner I realized that I feel incredibly centered and happy- which is in direct contrast to how I felt this morning when I was dealing with a series of minor travel crises ranging from my ever elusive Indian visa headache to missing the exit for the airport. But here I am in Miami, and I realized that in many ways I feel more comfortable now then I ever have in my life. I think that life as a medical student has forced me to figure out how to adapt to a constant stream new situations and although I sometimes feel like dirt- overall it has taught me confidence in my own abilities. Pretty deep thoughts to be thinking over a plate of MSG soaked vegetables.

So far the only casualty has been forgetting a book but we all know that I am never more than 5 feet away from a book so that was easily rectified as soon as I got to the airport. And now I will attempt sleep a I prepare to wake up at 3am to catch my flight to Port-au-Prince.


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